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Blogging is good for any business. Utilizing your blog can help you gain a following, help your organic search and allow new and existing customers to know that your business is an expert at what it does.

Even though blogging sounds simple enough, it can become very time consuming on a business owner or a small marketing team. With researching about the topic, pictures and editing your blog post, this can take more time then your marketing team has.

With this package, you will receive 4 blogs a month to post onto your website. If needed, I can also help you with posting the blog as well. Topics and photos will always be approved by you. Each blog post will come to you the week before for approvals, editing and revising.

Depending on your schedule, we can have a bi-weekly topic discussion to confirm what your want your blog to talk about each week. This can also help you with marketing campaigns as well.

Weekly Blog Posts

Research and Writing Blog Posts

$ 800

per month

Help with content and posting of blog.

  • 4 Blog Posts A Month

    Get a blog posted every week on your website

  • Research and Writing

    Let me do the time in researching and writing about topics that are currently in your industry

  • Unlimited Premium Stock Photos

    No need to worry about getting photos to use in the blog, any photos we use, you can use as well

  • SEO Keywords

    Utilize your keywords in every blog written

  • Free trial period

    Get one blog as a free trial to see if you enjoy what you read!

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