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Creating and posting to all of your social media platforms is hard enough, but when it comes time to manage each, small business find that it is a hard thing to keep up.

Let me take this burden off of you, so you can concentrate on the more important parts of your business. Instead of hiring a full-time employee, which has overhead costs, health insurance cost and much more, use my service to help you save time and money.

I will not only create the content needed, but post and monitor comments as well. While monitoring comments and posts, I will also be able to help you out with Facebook and Instagram messages. Know that your customers are always being answered during your business hours.

This package also comes with bi-weekly phone calls to strategize your marketing goals and campaigns. This will enable your social media platforms to always be updated for seasonal campaigns and events that your business might be doing.

Social Media Management & Content

Great for business who need help with their social media platforms

$ 1,000

per month

Let me help you with content and management for your social media.

  • Unlimited Content

    Unlimited content to post once, twice or three times a day. You decide the type of schedule you want.

  • Account Management

    This includes content posting, monitoring, and engagement (only during your business hours)

  • Branded Content

    Social media that is branded to your business through themes, colors, templates and more.

  • Unlimited Premium Stock Photos

    No need to worry about getting photos to use for social media posts, any photos we use, you can use as well

  • 7 day free trial

    When purchasing this subscription, you get a 7 day free trial to see how this works! After 7 days, the full package will be charged.

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