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Social Media is a great way for business’s to gain brand awareness. With it’s massive takeover into our lives, more people are on social media then ever before.

For a small business, this can be a very taxing job. From post creation, branding and building an audience, you could spend hours trying to create each post.

This is were I come in! I can help you create engaging social media posts specific for your brand and industry. You can choose to use photos from your own directory, all stock photos, or both.

Depending on your schedule, these posts can come bi-weekly or monthly. They can also be made around your seasonal campaigns or special events as well. You will have full control of what is created or needs to be created.

Social Media Content

30 days worth of social media content

$ 500

per month

Get 30 days worth of social media content every month. Depending on your type of business, content would be sent bi-weekly to stay relevant with articles and news, or monthly. Depending on your seasonal campaigns, we can work out a schedule to get you the content that you need.

  • 30 Days Worth Of Content

    Either bi-weekly or monthly, social media content would be sent to you to use on your platforms.

  • Branded Content

    Each post would be branded specifically for your business (logo, colors, templates, themes, etc.)

  • Unlimited Premium Stock Photos

    Unlimited premium photos to use on social media

  • 7 day free trial

    Before your subscription starts, you get a 7 day free trial. This means you get 7 free posts to use before you decided to fully subscribe each month!


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