Brand Building Through Social Media


Social Media has become a great platform for business’s, small and large, to create brand awareness. Billions of people are on social media, almost 2.1 billion in fact, which makes sense why marketers believe that social media is critical in building your brand.
So where do you begin? Here are some steps you can take to start building your brand on all social media platforms.
Social MediaBeing consistent on all social media platforms is important

Branding never happens overnight but being consistent can happen right away. Making sure all of your platforms have the same bio, logos, and are verified are small steps you can take when gearingup your social media platforms. From there make sure your brand style guide and essence also appear the same on each of your social media profiles.

Being consistent in posts also goes a long way with consumers. From style, colors, graphics, templates and posting routine help your followers to know what to expect.


 Make sure your logo is consistent throughout and fits properly
social media

Your logo is the anchor of your brand. It is the first thing consumers look at, so why would you put 3 different variations of your logo on 3 different social media platforms? Having the same variation of your logo on each platform helps your consumer know they are following the right brand.

Your logo should fit properly on each platform. Your logo should not be stretched out or squeezed so tight that not even your CEO can recognize it. Your audience should be able to read your logo clearly.

Use your brand colors

You have brand colors for a reason! Use those colors to make a statement. Each color can show impact and meaning in your post. Using your brand colors help you look consistent and professional. They should be consistent with your website, marketing materials, and product packaging.

Know the voice and style of your business

Knowing the voice of your business helps when you are creating social media posts. You should know your target audience, so your social media can speak to them. Look into the tone, language, and purpose of your social media posts.

  • Tone – Be clear to your followers with the tone you use. Is your brand’s voice serious, formal, cheeky, or spontaneous?
  • Language – Know what type of language you should be using. Are you a young and hip brand that can get away with talking in some slang or are you the type of brand that can us acronyms and industry specific terminology?
  • Purpose – What is the purpose if your brand on social media? Are you there to educate your followers or are you there just to entertain them?

Once you figure this out, you can put together a social media style guide that can help you stay on track when posting. You can create this style guide like a brand guideline book.

Answer your consumers back like a human 

Whether good or bad, make sure to take the time to really answer your followers back. When answering them, make sure to actually sound like a human and find that emotional connection. Your followers believe in your brand and products, so why not take the time to answer their questions as if you were a friend? Taking the time to answer your follower’s comments with a genuine answer only takes a couple of seconds to do.

Be transparent

Transparency is the key to any long-lasting relationship. Publishing information that will help your followers understand the mechanics of your company goes a long way. Ever see those ads that have 50 comments but only 5 comments show? I am not sure how that looks to you, but I do know that to me, trusting that company sounds risky.

Whether you are answering back some bad comments or reviews, or letting your followers know there might be a delay in their order, you should always be transparent to you follower’s, so they know they can trust you.

Post relevant content

As easy as this sounds, sometimes this could be the hard part. Posting for the sake of posting doesn’t help your business gain new likes, followers or page views.  Make sure your posts are relevant to your business.

The main reasons why most people unfollow a page is because of how much it posts and the content that is posted.

Social mediaMake it visual

Social media is all about being visual. Consumers engage more with videos and photos that are posted over posts that don’t include a visual. Adding photos, videos, gifs, and infographics help your posts to be viewed and shared more.

Social Media is a great tool for any type of business looking to increase their brand awareness and online presence. Even though these platforms can be very cluttered with numerous companies, these platforms are great to get your brand out to a larger audience and to keep your customers engaged and interested.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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