Simplify your information through infographics

Infographics help simplify the information you are trying to convey to your viewers. They are 30 times more likely to be read then just plain text. Using basic design principles to support the information presented can help you target a larger audience. They are used for social media posts, flyers, and email marketing. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your infographic.

processFind a topic

This might seem like a no brainer to most, but it is easy to forget. Find the topic you are going to use and write down the information that will be shown in the infographic. Laying this out makes it easy for you to double-check your work as you begin to create your infographic. Find the data you want to use, and figure out the perspective you want your audience to see this in. It also helps you see how much room you will need for the next step. Planning out your infographic will be much easier when your topic is right in front of you.

Plan your infographic design

Now that you have your topic, let’s move to the next step. As a designer, it is always a great idea to plan and sketch out your ideas. This allows you to see your design in minutes and helps you come up with a concept. You can sketch out the process you want to convey to your audience and make sure it is easy to understand. This will show you if the perspective you are looking to show will show through to the viewers.layout


Wireframes and grids are a part of this stage. You should be able to come up with 2-3 wireframes that layout how you want your information to be shown. You can choose to do a horizontal layout, vertical layout or both. With a wireframe, you can start to piece together where you want certain elements of your design to be shown. For instance, you can layout where your titles and icons will be placed.


Once you figure out the layout you would like to use, you should double-check to make sure everything is balanced properly. By balancing out your layout, your design will not be to “top heavy” with information and be empty at the bottom of your design. Finding the right balance for your infographic is important. Think about the negative space you have, the colors you are using, and the icons or photography you choose to use. Each design element should balance one another out so your audience can follow your design.



Consistency is key for infographics and all other marketing materials you have as assets. Making sure you are consistent in your font choice, colors, and iconography or photography, will help your audience move between each section of your infographic.

Infographics are a great tool for small and large business’s. They capture a large audience on multiple platforms and used over and over. When done properly, if infographics are paired with relevant information, viewers are likely to retain 65% of the information for longer. If you are not sure if you are ready to create your own infographic yet, you can easily find a graphic designer who can help you out.


Need help? Drop me a line and I would be more than happy to help you out!

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