New Year, New Branding?

That’s right, it’s the start of the new year, and you know what that means right? It’s the time to look back at last year and see what improvements your business can make. Your business’s brand is key, so why not continue to improve your branding every year to reach new customers? Rebranding is usually driven by the sluggish performance of your past material. In many cases, the focus is external, rebranding to create maximum impact on existing customers, prospects and partnerships. Rebranding doesn’t always mean a total makes over of your business’s assets though. So, what can you do you improve your brand for the new year?

Social Media

Social Media Review

Reviewing all of your marketing channels can help show were the inconstancies are. Facebook to Twitter, your brand should have the same consistent look and feel throughout. Little changes can do wonders for keeping your brand consistent. One thing I love to implement when managing a social media platform is creating brand templates for social media platforms. Having 5-7 template’s that you can utilize for your posts will help your social media platforms convey your brand.

Marketing Material Review

Depending on the number of flyers, brochures or catalogs you have, this might take some time, but it is worth it. Looking through your marketing materials to make sure everything has the same color scheme, flow and message can help you see where your inconstancies are. Reviewing your materials is a great way to see where you can improve on logo placement, color usage and brand message to your consumer. When it comes to brand awareness, consistency something you want to think about. When a consumer looks at your brand, will they know it is you?

Website Audit

Updating your website is a must. You should always have current products, services, discounts, and projects up. Taking the time to update your website assets can help you stay relevant and competitive in this very digital world. With consumers taking to computers and mobile phones for almost everything, your website is likely to be the first impression a consumer will get about your business. When a website is not up to date with blogs, projects, case studies or services, a bad first impression can turn a consumer away.


Have you looked at your brands messaging yet? Have you checked on how your messaging has been performing? Your brand messaging should be looked at every year to evaluate how it has been performing with your consumers, prospects, and partnerships. The consumer is constantly changing, so why isn’t your messaging? Every year the digital world changes to help the consumer have a different perspective of what they want and how they want it. Review your messaging every year can help you stay current with the consumer and their ever-changing needs.

Keeping your brand up to date with the ever-changing consumer persona can be tough for any business. Making sure you review your branding every year will help your business stay relevant in the consumers’ minds.

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