Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer over Full Time Employees

The workforce is progressively shifting away from the standard 9 to 5 work day. Embracing a labor force that is adaptable to your every need helps companies get the upper hand. If your business needs experts in the field but lacks the required resources, the answers lie in hiring a freelancer.

Below are the top reasons why hiring a freelancer makes great business sense.


Hiring a freelancer helps with reducing the overhead cost it takes to hire a full-time employee. From internal to external costs, trying to hire the right employee takes time and extensive recruiting efforts. Instead of focusing on salary, benefits and career development, you could be focusing on finding the right freelancer to meet your needs. Freelancers generally cover their own benefits, career development and other internal costs a company would have to face.


Flexibility in hours benefits both the company and the freelancer. Because the freelancer has flexible hours, they can help deliver the materials you need on time. Your freelancer will be able to handle your social media posting, writing blogs and posting them, and even delivering marketing materials beyond business hours.


Motivation is something that freelancers have a lot of. They want to perform well and do an excellent job for your business, because it helps them stay in business. They fully understand that being reliable and an extension of your business is key to keeping a client. The lack of meetings and politics helps the freelancer deliver your materials in the fastest turnaround they can provide.


One of the biggest challenges for a company when hiring is training an employee to become independent with their work flow. Extensive training and guidance is usually needed for this. Freelancers on the other hand understand and are accustomed to working independently. Of course, the freelancer will have open and transparent communication between the both of you, but not having to train a person puts less pressure and time out of your day.

More Innovative

Freelancers are always up to date with the best practices of everything digital. Whether you are looking for Search engine optimization, graphic design, or social media content, freelancers are always up today with the industry standards and best practices. Their jobs depend on being the most innovative and up to date employees you could have.


Experience is key! Freelancers bring experience in a lot of different markets and industries. Instead of specializing themselves, they have the opportunity to dip their hands in a range of different industries and with this helps them find the best possible strategy to use for your business.


If a special task is needed and the timeframe to get it done is not achievable by your team, hiring a freelancer can help ease that tension. They can help take the burden of getting a tradeshow graphic done in a week or even getting that last-minute catalog done to go to print. With their flexibility and expertise, freelancers are there to help you through those tough moments of needs.

Future Availability

Your business can always depend on freelancers for future improvements and upgrades in design.  They can be used for a project or be used on a retainer. Either way, your freelancer is there for you 24 /7. When you find a freelancer you work well with, that professional relationship will be long lasting.

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